Three Easy steps for every contact lenses wearer

An estimated 50 million people wears contact lenses in North America, for correcting their vision & for looking beautiful.

Good contact lenses are required for healthy eyes & caring for lenses is additionally necessary.

People who love contact lenses do follow the instructions for daily use of lenses.

A research on 705 adults in USA shows that about three in four people will read a replacement products instructions.

Problem arises if they’re difficult to understand , with small fonts or if the user is during a rush .

There are 3 easy to recall steps for comfortable & healthy contact lenses wear that everyone should know.

1.Wash & dry your hands whenever before touching your lenses or eyes.

2. Keep your lenses & case away from water.

3. Wear your lenses for as long as eye care professional says. Only wear daily disposable lenses once, & always believe new solutions for reusable lenses disinfection & storage.

Trust your ophthalmologist . If you’ve any questions contact their office.

So lookout of your contact lenses because it is not a troublesome work.

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