Childhood Obesity, symptoms & its problems
It’s an enormous medical problem in children.

It can cause major health problems.

These quite children have less self-worth and can suffer from depression too.

Symptoms of Obesity in Childhood

We should also note that every one children doesn’t have obesity problem but some have larger body frames

So thanks to larger body frames you cannot assess that your children have fat or they’re overweight.

Problems occur due to Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity can effect your child physically, emotionally & socially.

Risk during Childhood

1. Type 2 diabetes
2. Elevated cholesterol & sign
3. Fat accumulated disease also mentioned as Non alcoholic disease
4. Respiratory Disorders

Other children can also tease your child due to obesity.

These habits of youngsters teasing, can cause low self-worth & depression in your child. this might also cause anxiety & poor social skills.

Depression is additionally an outstanding factor which may cause how of hopelessness in your children.

Depression can cause mental state problems in your child which can be an enormous issue.

So you’re advised to consult a pediatrician or other specialist related to the matter for early recovery from obesity.

The specialist will evaluate different activities, eating habits, history & then create an idea for losing weight of your child.

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