Purpose and Effect of Yoga

Purpose of yoga

“Yoga” is a Sanskrit word meaning “connection.”

It represents the state in which the mind, body, and soul are connected. It is the combination of breathing, posture and meditation to relieve mental and physical stress and to provide mental peace and stability.

Precisely, it means “harmony,” “unification,” and “balance” of the body, breathing, and food.

  • Posture and movement abnormalities
  • Nutritional abnormalities and excess / deficiency
  • Desire, emotional asymmetry and instability
  • Hesitation, obsession, misunderstanding
  • Abnormality and unreasonableness of life (work, home, environment)
  • Physical abnormalities such as muscles, internal organs, nerves, and skeleton

Yoga is about controlling and correcting these abnormalities yourself. For that purpose, it is important to do it consciously.

What is the medical effect? 

 Significant increase in vital capacity and respiratory volume

  • Weight loss and obesity elimination
  • Increased resistance to stress
  • Lowering cholesterol and blood sugar
  • Improvement of chronic and recurrent low back pain

Yoga breathing

The purpose of breathing in yoga is

  • Sending more oxygen to the blood and brain.
  • Control of life energy (prana)

Breathing is very important because yoga = breathing method.

Not only the consciousness of exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide, but also the consciousness of controlling  increases vitality and concentration, and integrates the mind and body.

Correct yoga practice allows you to experience that breathing is a “bridge between mind and body”, and by continuing to practice it, you will gain health promotion, mental stability, and recovery ability, and become a truly healthy person. You can do it.


Recommended for people like this!

  • I have no muscle strength, I am not good at exercising
  • I want to improve coldness, dullness, stiff shoulders, swelling, etc.
  • I’m suffering from unpleasant symptoms that aren’t enough to go to the hospital
  • Relief of discomfort peculiar to women
  • Busy and stressful person
  • I want time to look back at myself
  • I want to relax
  • I want to feel the connection with nature

The effect of yoga

  • Shape-up effect to correct body distortion and habit, improve posture, activate internal organs and prepare internal environment
  • Increase natural healing power
  • Increased introspection Concentration and emotional control
  • Relief of chronic symptoms
    Prevention and improvement of diseases such as stiff shoulders, low back pain, headache, coldness, constipation, menopause, and menstrual disorders
  • Adjusting and strengthening hormonal balance that regulates autonomic nerves

In addition, it improves physical strength and muscle strength, produces waste products (smooth blood flow and lymphatic flow, beautiful skin, active metabolism), improves positive motivation, relieves stress and depressive symptoms, and improves resistance.

The ones listed here are examples and may vary from person to person.

Yoga practice guide

Posing is not the only yoga.

Yoga is the practice of practicing each and every one of your daily lives as “yoga as a way of life” and improving bad habits.

Yoga in class is to do poses, but the point is to do it “between pain and pleasure” without doing “muri waste”.

It’s a health method that anyone of any age can start right away without being obsessed with advanced techniques and tools.

Physical reactions and phenomena after doing yoga

By posing, joints and muscles that are not used daily are moved, so various fields of the brain are stimulated and vitality is awakened.

By concentrating on breathing, you can create various “awareness” in your body, mind, and consciousness, so you can acquire positive thinking, patience, action, and stability, and take a positive view of your life.

Let’s continue without rushing. It’s important to take a break if you’re worried, but feel happy inside your body.

Case Symptomatology
Fever Sweating (low-grade fever) blood circulation
Dullness There is a lot of sense of accomplishment and distortion, and when it is loosened, blood flow is promoted and it becomes dull.
Muscle pain Lack of exercise? Didn’t you get tired? Pain that irritates places that are not normally used → Hot towels ・ Warm and loosen in a bath
Pulse speed By stimulating the respiratory muscles, blood flow is promoted and circulation is promoted.
Hot flashes and cold limbs Feeling due to unusual blood flow → Stimulating effect from internal organs to the end
Burp / belly Promotion of digestive juices
Stomach pain The mucous membrane of the stomach becomes active, and a sensation similar to pain
dizzy When blood circulation to the muscles begins, a transient sensation when the capillaries spread at once
Cough, sputum, runny nose Increased rib opening and closing power may result in stronger detoxification
Vine (waist, legs, etc.) The part that was hardened, is it overworked? Did you match it with your breathing? Stimulation of blood flow, discovery of diabetes?

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