Protect your health by controlling your blood pressure:
Is your vital sign high?

As described by the American Association half American adults have high vital sign & 75% aren’t ready to control it.

Maintaining your sign is extremely necessary during this Covid- 19 pandemic.

High vital sign is that the main explanation for stroke & attack .

Most of the people that contract Covid – 19 also are at higher risk of attack & stroke.

So we’ve to lower the sign for reducing the danger of stroke or attack .

Some changes to your daily eating habit , daily routines & exercises can lower the danger of heart problems.

Some tips to regulate high vital sign

1. Check your sign regularly, a worth of 120/80 or lower is taken under consideration normal but a worth of 130/80 is taken under consideration high with risks to health.
2. Take your medicines as prescribed by your doctor on time, so on control the sign .
3. Some pain relievers like ibuprofen & naproxen can increase vital sign , so ask your doctor for best medicines.
4. Do exercise regularly to take care of a healthy diet.
5. Eat diet rich in fruits, vegetables & low fat diary products. Using these will end in healthy vital sign .
6. Keep sodium consumption below 1500 mg per day.
7. Do not take alcohol drinks as it destroy the liver & the brain.
8. No smoking, avoid smoking which may help in maintaining better sign .

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