Juices for Best Health Benefits

Live juices, it is now a shared opinion, are very good for health, diet and psycho-physical well-being. Whatever ingredients we choose, the results will still be far better than industrial brick or bottle products. 

Despite the labels and indications about a very high percentage of fruit, industrial juices contain in fact mostly water and sugar and have no benefit whatsoever.

Juice Extractors

A completely different story with regards to live juices, made with a centrifuge but above all with a juice extractor, as explained by the site  , which contain all the positive substances of fruit and also of the peel, which are 100 % natural, without preservatives and delicious to taste.

Yes, because only the juice is extracted, not the pulp, and the consistency will be exactly like that of industrial juices if not better but the substances contained in it are far better. 

In short, the juices bought make us fat and do not offer us the vitamins we need; the juices made with an extractor make you lose weight and make us recharge your batteries.

Choosing the Ingredients

Having said that, let’s see how to choose the ingredients for each live juice based on the benefits for our health. For example, summer is ending and we all need to fill up on immune defenses to better face autumn and all seasonal ailments such as flu, cold and more. 

How to do? Simple looking for the elements we need in nature which provides us with precious nutrients that help our body to increase its immune defenses to fight and prevent numerous diseases.

Among the various possible proposals there is one that is a real concentrate of antioxidants and vitamins specific for the cold season.

To increase the effectiveness and absorption of these precious micro nutrients, it is essential to add to the live juice obtained with our extractor, a component of good omega-3 and omega-6 fats, which we can obtain simply by adding high quality oil. to our juice.

If a spoonful of hemp and organic flax oil is added to the mixture, the result will be multiplied.

Juices to Select

One of the most popular live juices in this field, for example, is the one based on carrots (five), lemon (one otherwise the flavor will be too strong), ginger root (just one or two centimeter long) and cayenne pepper.

This live juice is to be drunk in the morning to recharge your batteries. Lemon and carrot provide an incredible concentration of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Ginger is a natural “disinfectant” of the body and has an effective action against viruses and bacteria.

An alternative recipe, for those who are still in the height of summer and still do not need to prepare for autumn (it must be said that in the north one prepares earlier for the cold than in the south where it is still midsummer) is the summer detox. 


It consists of 240 grams of cucumbers, a green apple, a small lime, a ginger root and three ice cubes. Thanks to the prodigious properties of cucumber and ginger, this live juice helps us detoxify the body. 

So great for our detox period. In particular, ginger combined with cucumber will help stimulate your metabolism and digestive system.


Fresh Juices are best for Health, so we should use it on regular basis.

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