How to Quit Smoking

I think that the person reading the article on ways to quit smoking has already made a decision to give up this disgusting habit and does not need additional motivation. Don’t be in doubt, just go thru the information “there is nothing to do”, then especially for you, I will remind you in the very first paragraphs that nicotine addiction is the real evil.

In fact, of all the arguments against smoking, it is enough for an adequate person to know only one most important fact: every year in the world, 10% of deaths are associated with smoking, and in Russia this value reaches a crazy 17-18%. Just think about this information! Do you want to be one of those who prematurely leave their family, friends?

And even if you personally do not care about your health, here are some more statistics: every year more than 1% of deaths are associated with secondhand smoke. And inhalation of tobacco smoke (it does not matter, “actively” or “passively” ) during pregnancy can easily lead to the development of cerebral palsy in a child.

So, the decision to break with the addiction has been made, but how to implement it? I rummaged through a huge amount of information from various forums ( several thousand messages! ), Sites with reviews and other material on the topic “How to quit smoking?”  in this article a most comprehensive & practical advice is available.

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Just want to warn you against buying any “author’s” courses and guides. Many people just want to make money on the topic of quitting smoking by releasing books, video courses, related products – everything that the client is ready to purchase. Such comrades sell their creations under the guise of unique “information products”, but the main, and sometimes the only idea in them reads:

As we all know that Smoking is a bad habit so to leave this habit the person have to show willpower.  Are you willing to pay money for such an obvious piece of advice, simply “packaged” in the form of a book or disk? And various auto-training and breathing techniques that can really make it easier for some people to quit smoking are available on the Internet absolutely free of charge. Of course, smokers develop a physiological dependence on nicotine, but the body can cope with it quite easily, the main danger is psychological dependence.

Realistic tips to quit smoking from people who have gotten rid of the habit

Something in the first part of the article, I somehow caught up with darkness … It’s time to move on to the positive! I have awesome news: at the Genotek Medical Genetic Center, scientists have discovered that 82% of Russian residents can EASILY QUIT smoking ( due to the presence of mutations in the DBH gene )! In my opinion, such overwhelming scientific data is another argument for quitting smoking from today.

Here are a few stories of former smokers with a long-term addiction to nicotine for a start, just to once again convince you of the real possibility of quitting the bad habit

Drive away all doubts about your abilities! Also, for those who have more than a dozen years of “smoker experience” and think that it’s too late to quit, since there is no point anymore, I have excellent information: the National Cancer Institute ( Maryland, USA ) proved that quitting smoking even at the old age of 60–70 and as much as 80 years, it will definitely add several years of life! Well, the truth is, scientists remind that the sooner you take this step, the better. Personally, I have four good friends who have successfully quit smoking at the age of well over 40, having more than 20 years of “bad experience,” all of them, after “interrogation with addiction,” assured that they feel great.

So, if you want to live a long time and stay healthy, then here is a “squeeze” of the most common advice and thoughts on the topic “How to quit smoking on your own” from those who did it themselves and forever:

1 . Surprisingly, the absolute majority of people who quit give the following as their main advice: quit right away! No compromises, no postponement “until Monday” or “from the new year.” No gradual reduction of the “dose”, once – and that’s it, do not smoke! Again, this approach is recommended by the overwhelming majority, which once again confirms the conclusions of scientists about 82 percent of Russians who can easily do this. Moreover, in no case should such a harsh approach be considered a prerogative exclusively for men; Reading countless posts on thematic forums, I was surprised to find that our beautiful women show incredible strength of character when they decide to quit smoking, and many men should learn from them. I really liked a couple of thoughts that accurately formulate the essence of the above:“The gradual reduction of smoked cigarettes is the purest masochism and continuous torment, moreover, stretched out for a very long time!” and also “Reducing the number of smoked cigarettes, switching to” lighter “varieties, replacing them with a pipe or an electronic cigarette is self-deception!” … I recommend looking at point # 6 in our other article ” Myths about smoking “, there is just about the so-called “harmless ways to smoke” – hookah, vapes, electronic cigarettes.

By the way, an article by American scientists was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine magazine, fully confirming that the most effective way to get rid of nicotine addiction is to quit smoking right away. They made such a conclusion as a result of observation of two large groups of people, in the first they refused cigarettes gradually, in the second – immediately. The percentage of those who successfully completed the task was calculated after six months, and in the second group there were almost twice as many such people!

2 . Also, the majority (not all, of course, but according to subjective sensations somewhere around 80 percent) do not recommend resorting to the use of plasters, sprays and other medications. There are two arguments here firstly why replace one bad habit with another (after all, people also get used to such drugs), and secondly it helps very few people. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is FEW FOR WHOM, that is, a small part of people can successfully use medications to quit smoking, it may very well be that you are one of them (as I said above, according to a rough estimate, this is about 20 %).

3 . Many are intimidated by the prospect of “nicotine withdrawal”. Of course, there is a physiological dependence on cigarettes, but it is MUCH LESS than you imagine it, and your body can easily cope with it itself! Therefore, the word “withdrawal” sounds too loud and unjustified. The real danger is psychological addiction, and to deal with this problem will take some effort. Let’s see what they say about “withdrawal” who have successfully overcome it. Almost like a blueprint in different stories, the following terms can be traced: the most difficult period is the first three days, then the craving becomes much weaker.

The next time line is two weeks, which are also not easy, but quite bearable, at this stage a person already firmly understands that he will definitely be able to achieve his goal. Somewhere in a month can cover “second wave”, but it is absolutely not comparable to the feelings from the first days of this relapse very easily and quickly. As a rule, after this wave, the lucky one goes “in free swimming”, that is, free from addiction. And the longer you are in this state, the easier it will be ( a kind of “cumulative effect” appears ).

As an unusual side effect, one can often find this: vivid and realistic dreams, as if a person smokes again, and, moreover, with a full sensation of both the smell and taste of tobacco. Well, do not start well because of the smoke again, because it’s just a dream that will cease to disturb you in due course.

It is necessary to make a reservation that these periods are typical for the majority, however, the period when nicotine withdrawal disappears depends on the combination of the individual characteristics of the smoker’s body and his “experience”.

4 . So, during the restructuring of the body in a healthy way, your brain, trained for many years in the habit of “raising”, will not be entirely happy with such changes (the very most dangerous mental addiction). And now, for a designated period of a couple of weeks, an ex-smoker can become very irritable (maybe, but not necessarily). Those who have experienced this are advised to resort to the help of natural sedatives – no harsh drugs, ordinary dietary supplements such as motherwort (Putsyrnik forte, Motherwort extract), St. John’s wort (Deprim forte), perhaps some herbal teas, or just a course of valerian will be enough.

5 . Quite often, the quitters make one huge mistake. When you no longer feel the urge to smoke, a petty thought may creep in:“I wonder what will happen if I smoke one cigarette?” … People who have gone through this argue that such tests are a direct path back to nicotine bondage. In addition, there is a statement that out of 100 people who, after a whole year without cigarettes, smoked only one, 98 again become addicted! I don’t know how much this information is based on accurate statistical data, but would you agree to check it personally for yourself? Drive away this “snake-tempter”, not for that you showed willpower, so that through stupidity because of the temptation to lose everything … But then to force yourself to go this way again will be much more difficult!

6 . Get a complete medical examination. What for? Because a significant part of smokers with long experience had to give up the habit only after a good fear due to health problems. There is a whole “bunch” of options – heart attacks, strokes, oncology, diseases of internal organs … in short, it’s easier to read the alphabetical directory of diseases, there almost everything fits our topic. The examination will help you identify health problems and make the final decision to quit smoking.

7 . Feed your resolve with outside support. Communicate with people who have already quit smoking (probably there are some among your friends), when you see a real example in front of you, then willy-nilly the thought will creep in: “This one stopped, he quit … maybe I’ll try?” Keep a watch on articles about the dangers of smoking (you can just photograph the internal organs of heavy smokers, or re-read the list of their diseases, or video lectures by competent specialists such as Professor Zhdanov – well, I think you get the idea). As an example, I will give words from one story:“My father quit smoking the first time, after he saw a smoker’s lungs at an autopsy. He says that the spectacle is simply unforgettable! ” 

8 . Logically, the following recommendation from former smokers follows from the previous point: at least for the first time, protect yourself from communicating with companies that smoke, because the less temptations there are, the more chances you have to get rid of addiction. It would also be logical to get rid of all smoking-related accessories in your home, as the saying goes“Out of sight – out of mind!”

9 . Surprisingly, there are many tips to refrain from drinking coffee at first. The point is a common habit among smokers – each cup of coffee is accompanied by a smoked cigarette, this combination is especially often found as a kind of morning ritual. As soon as the craving for nicotine subsides, you can safely return to your favorite drink. Well, alcohol also needs to be avoided for sometime, resistance drops sharply and it is very easy to succumb to the temptation to smoke.

10 . Some people, especially among the beautiful half of humanity (a well-worn phrase, but fair), are preoccupied with the question:“How can a woman quit smoking and not gain weight?” … An understandable but unjustified phobia. The very rejection of nicotine does not in any way affect the slimness of the figure, the whole point is that nicotine dulls the feeling of hunger, and, accordingly, getting rid of this blocker, people suddenly discover with horror that they are starting to eat more. This is normal, a healthy appetite of a healthy body returns to you. BUT it is important to control yourself, otherwise, instead of the habit of smoking, you will have the habit of “hamster” without measure! That is, listen carefully to your body and determine what exactly you are experiencing – a healthy feeling of hunger or is it a reflex desire to put something in my mouth ( sorry for my French ), a kind of “grief seizing due to parting with a long-term habit.”

If you notice that you have begun to eat a lot more and it is still difficult for you to control it, do not panic, there are many products that, even in large quantities, do not harm the figure. On the contrary, they help to improve their health ( for example, we talked about a number of such people in the article “Eat and Lose Weight” ). And here is a recommendation from scientists from Johns Hopkins University ( Baltimore, USA ) – they found out that daily consumption of tomatoes ( 2-3 pieces ) and apples (one is enough ) helps to improve the lung condition even among “experienced” smokers!

In most cases, when a person did not overeat, after quitting smoking, a little weight was really added for a while, but in the end he stabilized close to his previous values. In general, the fear of weight gain should by no means become a reason why you will not quit smoking!

If reflex thrust to push something in the mouth during the day begins to distract, just keep on hand some herbal candies, an assortment of candies are now large, there is no sugar, no dyes or any flavors or substitutes, and only natural ingredients. Look with a sedative effect – so you will slam two birds with one stone: you will satisfy the reflex, and you will calmly endure the nervousness of the first days without a cigarette.

11 . As a continuation of the above, a huge part of the advice contains a recommendation to increase your physical activity. Several important points came together here:first,you need to occupy yourself, since thoughts about cigarettes can arise from idleness; secondly physical education provokes the release of endorphins, which give a feeling of euphoria, high spirits, in general, improve the emotional state, that is, replace smokers with the feeling of pleasure from cigarettes; thirdly you help the body fight the harmful effects caused by tobacco smoke; fourthly, physical activity will help you cope with the possible appearance of excess weight.

By the way, at the Medical University in London ( St George’s University then of London ), as a result of special studies have found that regular physical activity helps to cope more easily with the “syndrome of cancellation” arising due to smoking cessation.

If for some objective reason you cannot temporarily engage in physical education ( injury, illness, etc. ), be sure to find some other occupation, at least load yourself to the maximum with work, even if it is unloved. The main thing to avoid idleness is a direct route to wasting time with a cigarette.

12 . The advice is often found to go to the bathhouse more often (or to the sauna, or to the hamam – whoever likes what). A sense of lightness, a state of relaxation and a good mood (again endorphins!) Helps many to cope with the notorious “withdrawal syndrome”. In general, an action similar to the result from physical education takes place here. And nothing prevents you from combining these two tips!

13 . A great motivator is counting unspent money. Here people acting different ways: some one just calculates how much he saved by quitting smoking; and someone saves the money that they would spend on buying cigarettes every day, and now, after a couple of weeks, a person is surprised to find that he has a decent amount of free money. And given the current prices for tobacco products and the trend towards their constant increase (here both the excise policy of the state and inflation), then in a couple of weeks a decent amount will come up … and in a month – a lot in general … and if you estimate how much in a year …

14 . Try to be positive! In fact, many advise you to be happy for yourself, for having decided on such an important step. In no case should you feel sorry for yourself and “endure your brain” with thoughts about possible difficulties! And don’t let your loved ones treat you with pity! Only good mood! Watch your favorite comedies, chat with interesting people, read good books – do everything so as not to lose heart and not give yourself a reason to smoke under a bad mood. 

 15 . Former gambling smokers often quit smoking on an argument. And, not wanting to lose, they really parted with the bad habit! If you are from the breed of “gamblers to the core”, then is it time to use the power of your passion for a good cause? And even if at first it does not come from your inner need, but forcefully, but over time (remember the average 3 days and two weeks?), The arguer realizes that he really does not need to smoke anymore … and why then start over?

16. Often, a person who, against his will, found himself in a situation where for several days in a row did not have access to tobacco products, is surprised to understand that he can easily do without it and this is such a strong “revelation” that he no longer touches cigarettes. Perhaps you should try this method too? Go, for example, on a hike for three days without cigarettes and away from settlements.

17 . On many thematic sites in the recommendations for quitting there is such – to start a “diary of a smoker” in order to write down their feelings and thoughts there. Friends, among the many, many hundreds of posts on various forums and real stories of quitters, I have NEVER met a mention of this method! If I missed a few out of inattention, then they can still be neglected, since this is not even a drop in the ocean, but some kind of nano particle … Apparently, the advice about the diary is thoughtlessly copied from Western recommendations and the moment that the mentality of Russians is very different is not taken into account at all from the way of thinking of the inhabitants of those countries.

18 . Another surprise I experienced when I realized that the so-called “folk methods” are actually not used by any of the people! For example, the popular “popular” recommendation on many sites to smoke cigarettes soaked in milk (of course, then dried) in one of the special topics where people who quit and are just trying to communicate, out of 186 pages containing 2800 messages, DOES NOT REMEMBER AT ONCE ! Again, this is a special topic with a huge amount of advice from people who have really quit smoking! Needless to say, all other supposedly folk recipes are not used by the people (nails in cigarettes, “gum” from horseradish and plantain, rinsing the mouth with soda and other wise recommendations, of which there are a great many).

19 . Finally, in this part of our article, I left perhaps the most controversial recommendation. This is the most famous book by Allen Kara “The Easy Way to Quit Smoking”. None of the ways to get rid of nicotine addiction has caused so much heated debate! The audience of ex-smokers was literally divided into two opposite camps: some enthusiastically declare that the book really helps, others call them “car-addicted” and argue that the book is sheer nonsense. That’s it …The percentage of those and others is difficult to calculate, but subjectively, about 50 to 50. And, although in the first part of the article you read the opinion about the “author’s” methods, you still cannot but take into account that THIS book has helped a significant number of people. Here, probably, the only factor that matters is the individual peculiarity of the human psyche. Who knows, perhaps you are one of those whom the book will get rid of a bad habit. Moreover, my main argument against “copyright” programs is an unjustified waste of money, and Kara’s book can be downloaded absolutely free of charge, either in text or audio format.

Once again, I emphasize that this method is the most controversial, so do not build high expectations, so that later you will not have to be disappointed.

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