Children at higher risk from pollution
A new study which was published in Nature Scientific Reports reveals that early exposure to polluted air to children can alter their gene which can cause different ailments or heart condition in adulthood.

This could change the way we all believe the air children inhale on day to day .

If they’re getting to exercise & they’re browsing heavy smoke or polluted area, then this may cause bad health rather than good.

Many of the problems occur once we stop caring about these small issues therefore the air we inhale should got to be clean.

If we inhale bad air then it can cause injury to our kids lungs.

The oxygen level to the body is additionally reduced thanks to inhaling toxins or polluted air because the toxins are pumped through lungs & then directly into the blood stream.

The researchers found that exposure to fine particles referred to as PM 2.5, carbon monoxide gas & ozone overtime is showing increased methylation.

As a result it alter the DNA molecules changing their activity without changing their sequence. this sort of change in natural phenomenon can pass to future generations.

Air pollution also increases monocytes, white blood cells that plays an important role within the buildup of plagues in arteries.

This result show children are in peril to heart disease in adulthood.

More future studies are often done to guage the longer term implications.

For curing the allergy , asthma there are many centers to treat & assess the explanation for allergy.

We should lookout of our youngsters & give proper medication.

Vitamin B can lesser the ill effects of pollution .

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Therefore curing naturally by spices like pepper, ginger powder (in small quantity) or thyme etc. can ease the inhaling problems.

These are often used with consultation of herbalist.

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